Zhoushan Yuandong Gear Co., Ltd, founded in 1992, is located at Liuheng Island of Zhoushan Islands in east China, 1.5 hours ride to Ningbo. The company covers an area of 12000 square meters, with a construction area of 9000 square meters, owns 120 employees. Company is a professional automotive transmission parts manufacturer, one of Zhejiang’s first batch integrity demonstration enterprises.

Company leading products include transmission gear shift assembly, fork shafts, planet pin, aluminum die casting shift fork, odometer driven wheel, two shaft flange plate and all kinds of parts, products cover all major passenger car market in china, provide long term supporting services for Chery Automobile, great Wall Automobile, FAW Car, Haima Automobile...


  • Fanuc welding robot
  • lift vertical broaching machine
  • On-line measurement of end face cylindrical grinding
  • 長城汽車
  • 一汽轎車
  • 上汽集團
  • 吉利汽車
  • 一汽解放汽車
  • 萬里揚
  • 廣汽集團
  • 海馬汽車
  • 格特拉克
  • 杭州依維柯
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